“If the child is not learning the way you are teaching, then you must teach in the way the child learns”

~ Rita Dunn

Kindergarten in Columbia, Maryland


  • Make learning more interesting
  • Be passionate about education
  • Show the children the right path through experiences
  • Make learning a two-way process
  • Make subjects interesting to learn
  • Make a difference by channelizing children’s energy in the right direction
  • Inculcate the value system in our children
  • Help the children understand themselves
  • Help the children cope with failures as well as successes
  • Teach by being role models ourselves
  • Inculcate responsibility in our children through direct action
  • Provide each of our children with equal opportunity and attention


Early years development is critical in building the foundation for a happy future. Preschool education and Kindergarten in Columbia, Maryland provide children with the environment to develop essential life skills and foster mental development. We offer progressive early years education that focuses on the holistic development of young minds. The philosophy recognizes and cherishes individuality of each child, encouraging them to discover their passion and interest at an early age. To Enable, Energise And Enhance Childhood By Fostering Growth Of Mind, Body And Spirit, Which Will Help Children To Become Lifelong Learners.